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The CRPD Team

All of our instructors are knowledgeable, passionate about what they do and have received training to an extremely high level. We are fully insured, first aid trained and certified in pole and fitness. We pride ourselves on our safe and effective teaching methods within a welcoming, supportive environment.

Here at CRPD we love seeing our  students succeed in class, whatever their goals are!

Meet The CRPD Instructors

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Leah Rose

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Leah Rose is the owner of CRPD.
She is an international instructor, judge and performer and holds titles in national & international competitions. 

Leah is one of the exclusive UK X-Pole girls and XPERT trainers, regularly represents X-Pole and XPERT in publications and shows, travelling as far as China to promote the pole industry.

Titles and Qualifications

  • Official X-Pole girl

  • Xpert Master Trainer

  • FRC Mobility Specialist

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 2 Exercise to Music

  • Level 4 Sports Massage

  • Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Exercise

  • Xpert Flexibility Flow, Pole Fitness, Essential Science of Heels certified.

  • Level 2 Mental Health Awareness

  • Pole Queen Spain 2018 2nd Place

  • UKPPC Professional 1st Place 2013

  • Polenastics Professional 1st Place 2013


  • BBC Wales - Alfies Angels

  • Channel 4 - Confessions of a male stripper

  • LadBible

  • Mirror

  • Wales Online
    and much more...



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Known for her soft but strong flow, Steph was one of CRPD's first students before becoming a Chrome Roses instructor.


Steph's warm and friendly teaching style is perfect for anyone from intermediate students to brand new beginners who are a little nervous for their first class. Her passion is seeing her students develop and progress.

Titles and Qualifications

  • Xpert Pole 1&2 Certified

  • Xpert Pole 3&4 Certified

  • Spin City Certified Beginners & Intermediates

  • Spin City Physiology & Anatomy certified

  • Bristol Pole Dance Championships 2016 & 2017 finalist

  • Heir to The Chrome 2016 finalist

  • All Wales Pole & Aerial Championships 2016 finalist

  • First Aid Trained



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Before starting pole in 2011 Sammy had been involved in a range of different dance styles from a young age including ballet, tap, modern and jazz. Sammy enjoys every aspect of dance the technical side to the fluidity and all the elements that make the simplest choreography breathtaking. 


Learning and progression are important to Sammy so she attends as many master classes with pole dancers from around the world as she can, and regularly volunteers and judges, and sometimes competes at pole events and competitions.​

Titles and Qualifications


  • Xpert Pole 1&2 certified

  • Xpert Pole 3&4 certified

  • lexibility Flow certified

  • Pre & Post Natal Training for Pole & Aerial certified

  • 2nd Place All Wales Pole Championships 2018 - Professional category

  • First Aid Trained



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Becky has a background in gymnastics and passion for dance and movement. She loves strong tricks and contemporary flow but dabbles in a little of everything.

As a former gymnastics and trampoline coach; Becky understands the importance of good technique and strong foundations.

She has taught a range of classes and after a brief pandemic hiatus, she’s back starting off the year with some Intro Classes in pole and flexibility.



  • Xpert Pole 1&2 certified

  • Xpert Pole 3&4 certified

  • Flexibility Flow certified

  • First Aid Trained



  • Amy Insta

Amy has had a passion for movement from an early age, including ballet, gymnastics and modern dance. After her first pole dancing class in 2014, she instantly fell in love with the varying styles and fitness benefits that pole has to offer. 


Amy is dedicated to learning new moves, styles and techniques by attending classes and workshops across the UK.


Amy is a creative, graceful dancer with gorgeous lines, and a supportive, friendly instructor who enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping people progress to achieve their personal goals.​



  • Xpert Pole 1&2 certified

  • Xpert Pole 3&4 certified

  • Flexibility Flow certified

  • First Aid Trained



  • Danielle Insta

All the way from New Zealand, Georgia was a dedicated gym buff before taking her first pole class. Once she tried on her first pair of pleasers she was hooked!


Georgia is known for her slinky (AKA slutty) heels routines, constantly encouraging students to hump the floor during floorwork classes, dynamic pole moves and any moves that include elbow grip, much to the despair of her students.


Her crowning achievement is finally getting her good side front split during the pandemic when no one could go anywhere anyway!


Titles & Qualifications

  • Xpert Pole 1&2 certified

  • Xpert Pole 3&4 certified

  • Finalist in the Instructor catergory at YFF 2023

  • Second place in the Instructor category at YFA 2022 

  • Winner of the New Zealand Pole Inferno Amateur Catagory 2019

  • First Aid Trained



  • Mell Insta

Mellissa has wanted to try pole dancing since she was a teen, and in 2019 she finally took the plunge! Unsurprisingly, pole quickly became her favorite part of the week and her friends know better than to try and make plans on pole days anymore. Priorities right! 


Mell loves that love pole combines flow and strength work to help her feel strong and sexy all rolled into one!


Favourite trick: Meathook, because the name is cool, but currently her new training obsession is the also awesomely named Satellite.


  • XPERT Pole 1&2 Certified

  • First Aid Trained



  • Danielle Insta

Starting out as a self confessed desk junkie, Danielle discovered the wonders of pole dance and transitioned to a dedicated Chromie.

Danielle is obsessed with combinations up the pole, intensifying the basics and exploring multiple entries/exits, whilst bringing out her sensual style.
Danielle loves nothing more than helping others to become more confident and fluid with their movement.


With her neurospicy personality and teaching style you are sure to have an entertaining time at one of her classes.


  • XPERT Pole 1&2 Certified

  • XPERT Pole 3&4 Certified

  • XPERT Essential Science of Heels Certified 

  • Spin City Beginners Pole Certified

  • BPIC Instructor Finalist

  • 2nd Place In The Spotlight

  • First Aid Trained

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