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Pre Recorded Online Class Disclaimer & Terms

Disclaimer and Liability


By purchasing or renting any pre recorded online class, video or tutorial from Chrome Roses (CRPD), I accept all of the following -

I accept that I am responsible for providing all of my own equipment including but not limited to the pole (which must be purchased from a professional manufacturer and installed as per the manufacturer guidelines), safety mat, clothing and footwear and the instructor will not accept any liability arising out of defective equipment.

I acknowledge that the instructor is not present with me and cannot make an adequate assessment of the area where I am exercising and it is my responsibility to ensure the area is clear, safe and free from any hazards which may cause injury to me or to others.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for exercising within my own skill and fitness levels.

If at any time I feel the moves I am completing are above my current skill level I will cease immediately. Likewise if I feel any discomfort, pain, sickness or dizziness I will immediately stop the activity.


Any material or information given to students for their personal use by Chrome Roses (CRPD) may not, under any circumstances attempt to replicate, make available, transmit, reproduce, sell, disseminate, license, distribute, publish, broadcast or otherwise circulate the products of Chrome Roses (CRPD).

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