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CRPD Cardiff

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A Bit About Me

Hey, I'm Chris! I've been on the pole dance journey since 2013, diving in headfirst with absolutely no prior experience. Instantly, I fell head over heels for the art form, and it has been a love affair ever since.

In 2015, I proudly earned the titles of Quebec and Canadian Men's Pole Fitness Champion, marking a significant milestone in my pole dancing journey. That same year, I began sharing my passion by teaching at studios in Montreal and Toronto, both as an instructor and a personal coach.

Beyond the pole, I've explored other aerial arts, delved into the world of burlesque, and found joy in attending contortion workshops to enhance my own flexibility. I've also had the privilege of performing in notable events like Sarah Jade's "Bad to the Chrome" at Buttercup Pole Studio, Nocturnelle Tampa, and Mr. Pole Dance America 2020 in New Orleans.

Now calling Cardiff home, I made the move for love and am a dedicated Chromie when I'm not immersed in my PhD studies or working in the NHS. I'm excited to continue this pole adventure and share the love with the CRPD family!

You'll catch me covering classes in Cardiff, and I'm available for private lessons in Cardiff.


XPERT Pole 3&4 Certified

1st Place - Quebec and Canadian Men's Pole Fitness 2015

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