CRPD Cardiff Classes

Here at CRPD we try to encourage our "Chromies" to become comfortable with a wide range of styles and techniques.

 We rotate weekly between spinny & static pole work and ensure our students create strong foundations in both their tricks and flow.

We also offer dedicated heels classes, flexibility, open training, private lessons, parties and offer a comprehensive video library of previous online classes available on CRPD-TV.

Private tuition can be arranged if you would like extra training or aren't comfortable in a group setting.

PLEASE NOTE - any pole class will require you to bring your own pole cloth (a microfibre cloth is perfect).

Beginners Pole

No strength or flexibility is needed to start pole dancing! Suitable for those with little or no pole experience, this course will introduce you to the fundamentals of pole. Covering basic spins, grips and transitions on and around the pole, you will usually learn a mini routine in every class, gradually building up the strength needed to progress.

Our Beginners classes tend to fill up fast, so make sure to sign up today to reserve your spot, or add yourself to the waiting list. 

Curious to learn more about this class?
Get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

Improvers Pole

For those who are comfortable with the basic spins/transitions covered in Beginners Pole.

Here we will start to build on your pole “foundations”, introducing inverts and climbs at a safe pace and with correct technique. You will learn spin combos and more challenging transitions whilst continuing with more challenging conditioning exercises.

Intermediates Pole


Suitable for polers of an intermediate level - Students must have a strong invert and leg hang (both sides) to benefit from this class.

Once you can comfortably invert/climb, we will start introducing more challenging flows, spins and combinations. Here you will also learn new poses and holds up the pole, and work on different inverts and inverted positions.

Pole Dance Floor

Advanced Pole 


This class is by invitation only. Please contact us if you are new to CRPD and would like to book at this level.

In this class you will learn more complicated transitions, inverts, drops, flexibility and strength moves. There is a strong emphasis on clean lines and smooth transitions whilst encouraging you to develop your flexibility, strength, musicality and personal performance style.

Sexy Pole Basics.jpg
Pole Dance Floor

Sexy Pole Basics

Want to be a sexy poler but don't know where to start? 
Our Sexy Basics Class will teach you the essential foundations of how to ace dancing in heels; up, down and around the pole, all whilst discovering your own sexy style of dancing.

All levels welcome! Heels, kneepads and outfits that make you feel amazing (as much coverage as you like!) are encouraged

Pole Dance Floor

Sexy Pole Pro

Sexy Pole Pro will provide you with plenty of low flow and sultry movements which can add new elements to your dance.
This class will explore different styles of exotic dance, such as stripper style, russian and showgirl.
Some weeks will be more technique focussed, some will be more trick based, and some will be just about getting down and dirty!

To get the most out of this class, students should be able to easily shoulder roll (forwards/backwards roll) have a knowledge of standing transitions/spins, and invert (or very close towards it).

Pole Dance Floor


Want those splits? Or find that daily life just leaves you feeling a bit stiff? 

Our flexibility class will safely and effectively aim to increase your range of movement, working towards your goals of splits or backbends, and will aim to leave you stretched/strengthened and balanced. 

Class content will vary from week to week, but be prepared to work hard. A flex class is a strength class!

Suitable for everyone.

Pole Dance Studio
Pole Dance Floor

Open Pole 

Open Pole gives you a chance to practice what you want. Whether you`re training for a competition or want to revise what you’ve done in class, stretch or even just take photos and videos!

This class does not include instruction so is not suitable for complete beginners. Poles will be shared between 2.

Pole Dance
Pole Dance Floor

Private Tuition


Private tuition is perfect if you are unable to make group lessons, prefer 1 on 1 teaching or would like to progress at a faster rate.

We can help you with those trouble moves, choreography and competition prep, or just teach you something new!


All CRPD instructors are available for private tuition. Group privates and 2-1 lessons are also available.

Information on pricing and instructors availability can be made by contacting CRPD or your instructor directly.


Further Info & Prices

Our pole dance lessons enable you to progress at your own pace, moving up a level when both you and your instructor feel you are ready.


If you are unsure of which level to join, we recommend you attend one of our open pole sessions, mixed level class or book a private lesson. This will allow the instructor to assess your ability and suggest appropriate classes.

CRPD Cardiff Prices

Pole Class - £10​

Flexibility Class - £6.45

Open Pole - £4

Private Lessons - £35
(based on 121. Please contact us for 221 or larger groups)