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Our Classes

Our classes embrace a dynamic fusion of fitness and fun – where getting fit meets getting sexy! Whether you're up for a dance, or prefer to focus solely on on fitness and technique, we have a class for you.


Here at CRPD, we understand that everyone progresses at their own unique pace. With dedicated training and consistent practice, you'll not only nurture your confidence but also build incredible strength, all in a way that feels just right for you. When you show progress and consistency in your skills at your current level, we'll invite you to advance to the next level with us.

 To ensure your safety and well-being, we kindly ask that you attend classes at your current level or one below.

Not sure which class is right for you? Get in touch.


In this empowering class, beginners will be introduced to the fundamental techniques of pole dancing. You'll learn graceful spins, elegant poses, and basic transitions, all while building your strength and confidence.


Each session is carefully crafted to provide a supportive and encouraging environment, ensuring you feel comfortable as you explore this beautiful and expressive form of fitness.


Mixed Level

Mixed Level Pole is suitable for all students who have attended a minimum of 5 of our beginners classes.

Each move being taught in this class has been carefully selected with the aim to teach beginners a solid foundation to build on, and for the more advanced students there will be tips on maximising these techniques and fundamentals with added progressions, and variations.

•Are you someone who is between levels and potentially struggle with some moves, but not others?
•Brilliant at tricks but forgotten some of your fundamentals?
•Trying to get a trick nailed down? Let's see what we can do to help you master it.

This is a class where there will be the opportunity to work on all of the above whilst creating a flow to link movements together.


Open Practice

Open Pole is a vibrant and supportive space where pole enthusiasts of all levels come together to refine their skills and share the joy of pole dancing.

During our Open Practice Sessions, you'll have the freedom to work on your favourite pole tricks, transitions, and routines at your own pace.


Our experienced instructors will be on hand to provide guidance and answer questions.

Please note - this is an uninstructed session; therefore, participants are required to have completed a minimum of two classes before attending. Max 2 per pole



For individuals who have completed the beginners course and those who have mastered fundamental spins and transitions, our focus shifts to further enhancing your pole skills.

During this phase, we will strengthen your pole "foundations" by introducing a larger variety of spins and transitions, inverts, leg hangs, and mastering climbs.


All of this will be done at a comfortable pace, emphasizing safety and ensuring you learn the correct techniques.



Heels Mastery Series

Ever dreamed of dancing in heels but feel more like Bambi on ice?

Our Heels Mastery - Foundations class is the perfect starting point, guiding you to master the art of dancing in heels.

In these classes, you'll delve into technical aspects of the foundation Heel movements, and understanding that the key to grace is strength.

Class content will include conditioning exercises to strengthen your body for heel specific movement, preparing your ankles for precise pointework. We will then get into the detail of specific movements, such as glides, twists, understanding leg movements like circles and waves, ending the class by constructing mini sequences with the content you've just covered.

Heels are encouraged but not required. If you choose to bring heels, they must be pole specific and no bigger than 8 inches. 
Kneepads are recommended.



Intermediate pole level is designed for students who can demonstrate a strong invert and leg hangs (on both sides).

Upon achieving a confident invert and climb, we delve into more advanced techniques in this class.


You'll be introduced to intricate flow sequences, challenging spins, and creative combinations.


Additionally, you'll explore new poses and grips higher up the pole, and practice various inverts and inverted positions to enhance your skills further.

Sexy Pole Basics.jpg

Flow -

Heels Mastery Series

Proficient in standing transitions/spins and are working or confident in your ankle engagement techniques?

Welcome to Heels Mastery - Flow, where you'll delve into a world of turns, rolls and sensual movements that will elevate your dance to new heights.


This class explores diverse styles of heels dance, including stripper style, trickster, sexy flexy, showgirl techniques and more.

Each week brings a different flow, vibe, and attitude.

To fully benefit from this class, students should possess a solid understanding of standing transitions/spins, demonstrate strong ankle engagement, and be adept at shoulder rolls (both forwards and backwards), If this is not you, check out our Heels Mastery - Foundations classes.

advanced (2).jpg


This class is by invitation only. Please contact us if you are new to Chrome Roses and would like to book at this level.

In this class you will learn more complicated transitions, inverts, drops, flexibility and strength moves.


There is a strong emphasis on clean lines and smooth transitions whilst encouraging you to develop your flexibility, strength, musicality and personal performance style.

We highly recommend supplementing your Advanced lessons with flexibility training.


Tricks -

Heels Mastery Series

This class is all about transforming your aerial pole skills with heels.

Get ready to dive into the world of clean lines, precise ankle engagement, and the challenge of wearing heels during your pole tricks.

This class will encourage you to refine your techniques, strengthen your legs, add a touch of style, and elevate your confidence of dancing aerially in heels.

This class is suitable for those with a comfortable climb & invert, and who are comfortable walking in heels.



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