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CRPD Cardiff

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A Bit About Me

Hey there, I'm Danielle! I began my journey as a self-confessed desk junkie until I stumbled upon the wonders of pole dance and made the delightful transition to becoming a dedicated Chromie.

I'm utterly obsessed with weaving combinations up the pole, intensifying the basics, and exploring multiple entries/exits—all while infusing my own sensual style into every move. For me, there's nothing more fulfilling than helping others boost their confidence and fluidity in movement.

Bringing my neurospicy personality to the pole, my teaching style is geared towards making every class entertaining and enjoyable. Join me for a session, and let's dance, explore, and embrace the joy of pole together!


  • XPERT Pole 1&2 Certified

  • XPERT Pole 3&4 Certified

  • XPERT Essential Science of Heels Certified 

  • Spin City Beginners Pole Certified

  • BPIC Instructor Finalist

  • 2nd Place In The Spotlight

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