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Leah Rose

Owner of CRPD

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A Bit About Me

Hey there! I'm Leah Rose, owner and creator of CRPD. 


I am also an international instructor, performer, and judge, but have recently retired from competing to focus on the studios and my beautiful baby boy.

I've made appearances on Lad Bible, engaging in discussions about sex work, stripping, and the significance of embracing the origins of pole dancing, on Channel 4, where I shared my expertise by teaching male strippers some exciting new tricks. And there's that time on BBC, where I had the pleasure of introducing Wales rugby legend Gareth Thomas to pole dancing!

My pole journey kicked off a long time ago, when the pole scene was vastly different, with it still being a hushed and somewhat risqué fitness choice. I travelled to workshops and worked hard on my technique and growing skills, developing a robust understanding of various teaching methods and techniques, of which I still incorporate into my classes today.


Early in my career, I was invited to work with X-Pole as an X-Pole girl, which opened doors for me to travel globally promoting the pole industry, even ending up in China!

Today, I proudly serve as a master trainer for their sister company XPERT, helping other instructors become the most effective and safe instructors they can be.


When teaching, I thrive on the intricacies of detail, channelling my years of experience to help my students grow and relish their pole journey. Even the most basic movement can transform into something truly beautiful if you understand how.

Teaching flexibility and mobility rank high among my passions. Yet, my ultimate love lies in strapping on my 8-inch heels and crafting elegant, flowy sequences, whether on the pole, floor, or chair. Intricate, seamless flows have captured my heart, whether soaring up the pole or gracefully close to the floor.

I love performing to audiences, and have created some memorable routines over the years, such as my Adam & Eve "snake" routine, and of course Jessica Rabbit.

You'll find me in Cardiff & Newport, and am available to teach privates in both studios.

After a workshop or performance? 


XPERT Master Trainer
​FRC Mobility Specialist

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Level 2 Exercise to Music

Level 4 Sports Massage

XPERT Flexibility Flow
XPERT Pole Fitness
XPERT Essential Science of Heels
Level 2 Mental Health Awareness

  • Pole Queen Spain 2018 2nd Place

  • UKPPC Professional 1st Place 2013

  • Polenastics Professional 1st Place 2013

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