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CRPD Newport

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A Bit About Me

Hey, I'm Mellissa! Having joined CRPD as a terrified beginner, it's surreal now being on the other side as an instructor. Pole dancing had been a dream since my teenage years, and in 2019, I finally took the plunge! It didn't take long for pole to become the highlight of my week, and my friends quickly learned not to make plans on pole days—priorities, right?

What I love most about CRPD is that it's not just a studio; it's a family. Now, as a fresh instructor, I'm soaking up the energy and excitement that comes with sharing my passion with fellow pole enthusiasts. Pole dancing, with its perfect blend of flow and strength work, makes me feel strong and sexy, all rolled into one fantastic experience.

When it comes to tricks, the Meathook has always been a favourite, thanks to its cool name. Currently, I'm diving headfirst into the awesomely named Satellite—it's my latest training obsession.


I can't wait to bring my enthusiasm, energy, and a few awesome moves to class and continue building this CRPD family together!

Find me at CRPD Newport every Monday. I'm available for private lessons at both studios.


  • XPERT Pole 1&2 certified

  • XPERT Pole 3&4 certified

  • Essential Science of Heels certified

  • Instagram
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